Monday, July 24, 2017

When your late to church.... but it brings miracles :) Week 57

Bonjour à tous!

I hope you have had a good week! It has been so good here, i just love Toulouse so much! The members are so incredible and love to work with us. We were able to see a lot of members this week and share a pensée with them that our whole mission is doing. It's where we talk about missionary work (1 Nephi 8:12 folks the reason we share the gospel:) ) and then invite them to share something with a friend who needs it on Facebook (because what a good way to share the gospel) The members love it and they are learning another way they can be even better missionnaires:)

We had two exchanges this week with Montpellier and Perpignan. Exchanges are so fun and I love seeing our sœurs but they can be a little stressful. The way exchanges work in our mission is that the equipe of sœurs comes into our sector, so we have two days to plan and since we had two in a week- it was a little crazy but we got so much done which was awesome! We also have incredible sœurs too:)

We were able to have a really good lesson with one of our Ami's names Olivia. She has two little kids and has known the missionnaires for a few months but is just really busy. Now because it's vacance she has more time to see us, so we were able to see her with one of the incredible JAs from our ward. We taught the whole retab, and she had lots of good questions which us and Lydie (JA member) were able to answer. It was interesting because as we were teaching the lesson you could see her feeling the spirit, and she is very set in her own ways and you could see that she didn't necessarily want to believe it was true, however the spirit worked on her heart, and we watched it soften throughout the time we were there and she agreed to read the Book of Mormon and sincerely pray and ask if our message is true!

Yesterday we had some incredible miracles too, Soeur tupou'ata had the thought to contact an old ami and invite him to church, and he said he would come we just had to go and meet him at Jeanne d'arc (bus stop.) Ha it was good he wanted to go there because we ended up seeing so many people! People contacted us who needed help getting around, and then some students from BYU saw us and we were able to help them get to church. We then ran into some recent converts and amis from Nigeria who were with their friends and they all came to church with us, and our ami who also moved here from Nigeria came as well! The bus was late, so sadly we were a little late to church but we had so many people there! And our new ami, named Alex loved church. He said that everyone was so friendly to him, and though he hasn't been taught much yet he wants to get baptized! Such a miracle!

Thanks for your love support and prayers, it helps more than you know:)

Love you all so much!!

Soeur Soffe

Exchange with Sœur Seiley

Soirée with one of my favorite families! 

Oldest member in our ward- she is SOO cute!
Samedi foot 

La fête chez- Rodrigue 

Toulouse is so pretty

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