Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Loving Lyon Week 31

Bonjour a tous!
        Sorry I don't have a time a lot of time to write emails this week, our email time kind of got cut in half because we got a new dryer because ours has been broken.
        I am loving Lyon though! Holy cow this city is HUGE, haha I am so used to little annemasse that having trams is blowing my mind. The city is really pretty though and there is so much work going on. We have had a lot lessons, ha but also a lot of tombez-vous this week. I am really excited to keep getting to know everyone though, especially in our ward and all our amis. Me and Soeur Lowder have plans to really spark up our ward, and get to know them really well. In the past they haven't always worked with missionaries a ton, but we are excited to really get to know them! Soeur Lowder is so awesome, and I am so grateful and happy to be here with her! A few high lights from this week were. A 15 min with a mom, who told us some incredible stories about prayer, and how she wasn't supposed to be able to have children and then she had a daughter and a son. It was a really incredible story and an incredible testimony to the power of prayer and trust.
      We went to help out a member do her courses, we thought for an hour but she took a really long time. So we ended up spending all night with her, and we were starving so we ran and grabbed a very ghetto dinner consisting of juice and pain de lait avec chocolat (basically hot dog buns with chocolate) I was also carrying around a pineapple the elders here had given us. So we got a lot of funny looks, it was good to be able to do service with her. She is so cute and calls us her little sisters. Terry metzger (a less active, who is a brother of our ami) made so many jokes and bought us a pain o chocolate for breakfast the next day. They nicknamed me Soeur ok... haha it was an interesting rendez vous. 
     Learning how to get around Lyon, and meeting all of the people here! I promise more is coming next week! But I love you all, and so does heavenly father! He is with you always and I know the best thing we can ever do is serve and love him.
Je vous aime!
Soeur Soffe

Monday, January 16, 2017

From the mountains to Lyon and Jo's baptism!! Week 30

Bonjour a tous!
        Sorry I didn't send out an email last week, things have been crazy busy! So last week was the last week of the transfer and we definitely had the best last p-day possible! I got to go to Chamonix one last time folks!! We went with the elders and had such a fun day. We had fun spending time with the Buisse family and then we took the cutest little red ski train up to the Mer de Glace! So the mer de glace is a gigantic glacier surrounded by gorgeous mountains. We were able to take some gondolas down and actually go INSIDE the glacier where they have carved out an ice museum! It was so cool and so much fun!
        We were with Jo a lot this week, finishing the lessons with her and helping prepare her for her baptism. She has been going through so many hard things right, especially with her husband. However she has been absolutely incredible in her faith with heavenly father. She was also so so prepared (she literally read the pamphlets before our lessons on the library app!) I have honestly been praying so much for her, and for miracles to happen with her and her husband.
        So friday morning came very quickly, and we got our transfer calls!! So Soeur Autai is staying in Salève, but I am in Lyon, in Confluence as an STL! My companion is Soeur Lowder and she is from colorado, she is so cute and we are already get a long so well! So to explain an STL is a sister training leader, and is the sisters version of a district/zone leader. I am honestly a little scared to be an stl when I am this young in the mission, but I trust heavenly father and I am excited! It is going to be so fun being in the big city of Lyon to!
        So returning to last week, after we got our calls we hurried and went to the church for Jo's interview for her baptism. Elder hekking and president brown (by skype) did her interview, and as we were waiting for them to finish Elder Hekking comes in the hall and asks if we sisters can come in. As we walk in President Brown tells us to welcome the next newest member of the church! After he told her that we were sent her for her, and that we are her missionaries for eternity. I was so happy, and me and Jo both started crying.
        Saturday was the big day!! We went early to the chapel early and got everything ready. And then to our surprise not only Jo and Leya (her cute daughter) but her husband came as well! He told us that he was there to support Jo, even though he didn't believe in God. (Miracle!!) The members came and the baptism went so well, I translated the talks for Jo and then I sang "I am a Child of God" while soeur Autai showed a slide show she had made of pictures of Jo's family. Jo was crying during the whole song. Then she was baptized, and I can't even tell you how happy I was. I have been with Jo since she first came to the church as a referral and then I have been blessed to watch her accept the joy of the gospel. She has become one of my best friends, and it was one of the happiest moments I have had watching her come unto to christ. After the ward members were wonderful with her (and her husband who really liked the ward and the missionaries!)
        Sunday was a wonderful day as well, Jo's confirmation went really well. And laury (her husband) who told us he would never be coming to church, came and stayed for 2 hours. He even told Jo he might start coming sometimes to church. I have such a testimony that the best way for him to change is through the gospel, and I know without a doubt that they can have an eternal family if they have the desire and faith. It was really hard on Sunday to say goodbye to Jo and our amis and all of our amazing members in Annemasse, they have literally become my family. The members and amis have been so wonderful, and even though it broke my heart to leave them, It won't be that long and I will see and visit them (thank heavens for email folks) Thank you so much for all of your love, I love you all so much and our Heavenly Father and Christ love you with an infinite and eternal love and they are so proud of all of you!
Je t'aime!
Soeur Soffe
Funny of the week: I made the programs for Jo's baptism and I have to say I was pretty happy with the way they turned out, until our first counselor took me aside right before the baptism and showed me that I spelled baptism like baptisim... way to go Soeur soffe. Ha I told him that's how you spell it in Chinese😂

The mer de glace 

Jo after her interview!!

her baptism!! 

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Blessings after storms, et bonne année 🎉 Week 28

Bonjour a tous!
        I hope you had a wonderful week and a bonne année! (New years) This week has been one of the biggest turn around I have ever had! To be honest the beginning of this week was really hard. To start it all of me and soeur Autai were both sick with a head cold, and because it was vacance a lot of our amis were on vacation. Literally everyone rendez-vous we had fixed that week all fell through. So we did a lot of porting and contacting and no-one would listen or was interested. It was cool because we have really gotten closer and pulled together.

        After this week however I have such a testimony that trials come before miracles! So on Sunday we got a text from Jo in the morning telling us that she could come to church, and we had thought she was still on vacation. Our church time changed to nine so she was a little bit late but came anyway. I also gave a talk in sacrament, a little scary but it was definitely helpful when I was writing it to have a companion who speaks french:) So we had to go and help the youth class and Jo went to gospel principles, they had a really awesome lesson that helped answer a lot of her questions. As I was talking to her about it after I felt like we needed to choose a date for her baptism. So I look at my calendar and tell her that I feel like she can be baptized on the 14 of January, and she accepts!! We got to show her the baptismal font after and she is so excited. The other incredible thing is that she hadn't even talked to her husband about her meeting the missionaries before, BUT she told him he that she is going to start coming to church on sundays and that she will be baptized, and he was totally fine with it! He even said that he will come to her baptism and might come to church! I can't tell you how thankful I am to be helping and teaching her! Jo has this incredibly strong faith, and just trusts in her heavenly father. I honestly feel like I knew her before this life and know I get to show her the path to bring her home to her heavenly father!
        It was such an incredible day, and to top it off we passed by one of our amis we haven't seen in a few weeks (Francois) and we are meeting him tonight! So everyone I promise you that after the storms of life, Heavenly Father is just waiting to give you blessings. Just keep trusting in him and I promise you, that this gospel is how you are
going to find real eternal joy! I love you all so much, and know how much heavenly father loves you to!
Bisou Bisou
Soeur Soffe

For New Years, after finding that all the good restaurants were full, we went to KFC😂

The coolest equipe you eva' did see

Cute Abigail, who was baptized on Saturday

Clara is a cutie!

P-day shopping done right.