Monday, September 25, 2017

Guess where Soeur Soffe is....Week 66

Bonjour à tous!

Sorry I don't have like any time! But we got transfers calls and I am leaving Toulouse😢 buuuttt I'm going to Bordeaux and I'm companions with Sœur Rutter!! I've known her from Lyon when we were in the same zone and she is awesome and I'm so excited!

But man I have to tell you leaving Toulouse after only 2 transfers about ripped my heart out, I love the members and JAs there so much and Sunday saying goodbye was rough. It was so hard to say goodbye to Kevin and Marie (our 2 new miracle amis) ugh already I've grown to love them like friends but we had some incredible RDVs this week and they are progressing so well, and wow I'm just so thankful for the time I was able to spend here and how much I've grown!! And of course today saying goodbye to Soeur gowans ugh again, haha honestly she is like my sister we teased each other and laughed all the time! Thank heavens MLC is in like a week and I'll see her soon!

I can't believe that I'm going into my last 2 transfers already, what!? But ohh I am so so ready to give it my all and work as hard as I can. I love being a missionary so much, I love this gospel, and I love my savior with all I am. I know without a doubt this is his church and his work!!

Je vous aime!

Soeur Soffe

Kevin and Martial 

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Cookies 🍪 Week 65


J'espère que vous avez passé une bonne semaine:) I feel like i say this every week but I can't believe how fast time goes, it's already the last week week of the transfer when it feels like it started maybe a week ago! We as a mission have a goal of finding 1620 new amis before Elder and Sister Johnson (area seventies) come and tour our mission in Nov. So we have been trying to work as hard as we can, and talk to everyone possible!

Haha also I don't know if I have mentioned this but french people, LOVE, American cookies (because cookies don't really exist here.) I swear this week we have made so many cookies!! Haha it's literally the only way we were able to see one of our amis and some less actives, but I guess you do what you got ta do haha:)

We have seen some really cool miracles this week. So two weeks ago we got a text from an ancien ami (old investigator) we told us that he had met with the missionaries a little before and has been reading a lot in the scriptures and wanted to see us again. We had a rdv with him and he is literally so cool, his name is Kevin and he was taught by the missionnaires before through email and He has already read through the Livre de Mormon and a lot of D&C and Jesus the Christ! He was going to study to become a catholic priest but then started researching our church more. So now at this point he knows a lot about our church and he has read and prayed a lot trying to find an answer if our church is true. He said that if he receives an answer this church is true he would of course join our church. The rdv was really great and the spirit was really strong. We testified to Kevin about how sometimes to receive our answers we have to act, and trust in Heavenly Father. We invited Kevin to act and live like a Mormon would live and keep praying to receive a réponse. Well that's exactly what he did he came to church on Sunday and loved it (our members friended him so well) and he is happy and wants to see us again soon!

Speaking of faith, we were talking about it this week in district meeting and there was a thought I really liked, it went with this scripture in Ether 12:

11 Wherefore, by faith was the law of Moses given. But in the gift of his Son hath God prepared a more excellent way; and it is by faith that it hath been fulfilled.

12 For if there be no faith among the children of men God can do no miracle among them; wherefore, he showed not himself until after their faith.

I love in the first verse where it says God has prepared a more excellent way, because faith is often trusting in Heavenly Father and trusting his way is better than ours. Faith is often having to ACT or keep walking even when life gets difficult. Faith is acting and working as if God's promises have come to pass, even if they haven't yet, but you continue forward anyway because you have hope that they will.

That's what's been happening for me these past few weeks, our work totally slowed down but we tried to work our hardest anyway and trust that Heavenly Father had better things planned and I am now seeing those miracles come after we showed our faith.

Another miracle on Sunday, this young girl named Marie came to church all by her self and as we started talking with her she told us that she had been living in Las Vegas for the past year and she had been staying with a host family who is Mormon. She went to church with them every week and loved it, but she only met the missionaries once. Well she loved church and wants to learn more, and she is coming with us to a members house tonight for FHE! She is so sweet and I am so excited and happy for her.

I really do know and believe with my whole heart that God, our Heavenly Father, is a God of miracles and if we put our faith in him all of his promises will be fulfilled.

I love you all so much, have a wonderful wonderful week!

Je vous aime

Soeur Soffe

District meeting 

I love old french buildings 

We might be going slightly crazy 😂 

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

How does a bag break a car? 💼 🚗 Week 64

Bonjour a tous!

I hope you all had a great week, its crazy how fast time is flying. Ha we were hoping with vacances ending we would start seeing our amis more... and we are still hoping that will start happening 😬 mais malgré tout we have actually had some really wonderful miracles this week and the work is starting to look up, which I know is all thanks to Heavenly Father. We have been praying a lot to try to find new amis and to know what Heavenly Father would have us do here in Toulouse and then we have been trying to work as hard as we can to accomplish His work. And let me tell you work and prayer really work;) honestly it's the only way to be a missionary.

We had two exchanges this week with the Carcassonne and Montpellier sœurs and it was so fun! We honestly have such great missionaries in this mission. One cool miracle we saw is on tuesday I was on exchange with Soeur Kenyon and we talked to this woman on a bus named Audrey and she told us she was Catholic but noticed that there was differences in what the Bible taught v. what the Catholic Church taught. She had to leave quickly but I got her number and fixed a RDV for thursday. Well Thursday I was on exchanges again, this time with soeur Blackham, and Audrey came to our RDV and we had a really great first lesson teaching her the retab! She had some really good questions and has such a pure desire to follow God's will. She gladly accepted the Livre de Mormon and told us she would call us after she had read and prayed. She is so cool and I already love her a lot, the sad thing is we haven't been able to get in contact with her again so please pray for Audrey and that we can see her!

We have also seen a lot of members and less active this week, and we were just running around being busy- but that's always the best:) And honestly the only the work really moves forward is members and I am so grateful for the amazing members we have here. Guys I seriously love Toulouse sooo much ❤️

Okay here's the funny story of the week, so yesterday me and soeur Gowans were speed walking to church, because we were running a little late *hah comme dab* and then as I was walking my bag caught on a cars side mirror and as I walk I hear a loud noise and the mirror had pulled out of the car and was hanging by wires! Ahh it was crazy! Haha we weren't sure what to do but as we were walking back from church the car was still there so I wrote a little note and left it on the car with my number saying sorry that I might have broken his mirror. Well late that night we got a text and he told us that he just easily put the mirror back into the car and there was no problem- but he thanked us for leaving the little note and thanked us for our "démarche citoyenne" (meaning like civic duty) so that was sparky, and now haha I'm being a little more careful with my destructive missionary bag;

Thanks for all your love and support, I'm so thankful to be here as a missionary and share this gospel which brings me more joy than anything else I have found in this world! Never forget how incredibly blessed we are with our knowledge of God's plan and never forget how much he and our savior love us!

Je vous aime beaucoup

ciao 👋

Soeur Soffe

Exchanges and exchange closers 

I'm obsessed with streets and parcs in France!! 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Tahitian dance- ia ora na! Week 63

Bonjour tout le monde!

J'espère que vous avez passer une très bonne semaine!

Haha literally this week went by in a blur. So yeah, I can't really remember what happened the beginning of the week! But on Friday we had a big tri-zone conference so we had lots of missionnaires that came in and that was a lot of fun- but ha with our little apartment we were a little squished but that just makes it more fun:)

Conference was really good, we are talking a lot of course about how we can best use facebook. The APs gave us some really good insights about the safeguards we have in place. Then President Brown had all of us ZL's and STL's come and sit in front of everyone and we acted like a questions panel as the missionaries posed us questions about facebook. Ha well you know your girl already doesn't know like anything about Facebook. It was cool though because it became more of a discussion and i learned a lot! (Ha you guys I really feel so in over my head, but I am learning and understanding why this new tool is going to become so beneficial in our mission.)

What Soeur Brown talked about really touched me- it was about giving this our very best. This is exactly what Heavenly Father deserves from each of his children, especially as we are in his work. I still have so much to work to do in this, but I want to try my best everyday to give my Heavenly Father every thing I have.

So me and soeur Gowans were in charge of the food for all the missionnaires- the ZL's were nice and helped us but ha after conference we were just running around. It all worked out really well in the end. Then friday night we had a soirée familiale and we had lots of amis and members and it was poppin'. Haha after conference though me and soeur Gowans were so exhausted- ha we were so slap happy and then just crashed in bed.

Saturday we had a super fun sportif because one of the Tahitian members taught us Tahitian dance- ia ora na! It was so much fun! After we were able to have interviews with President, and it was so good. The work is going good here, but lately its been really hard for us to see our amis and it feels like people are starting to drop a little. It helped me so much talking with president, and this past sunday as a mission we joined together in fasting and prayer for our people here. We all prayed together at 7 in the morning and the spirit was incredibly strong. I have such a testimony of fasting and prayer. I promise you all Heavenly Father is there and loves us so much! Also on Saturday the elders ami Blanca was baptized! She is so incredible and her faith is amazing- its been a privilege to know her and it was such a happy day!

Je vous aime! Passez une bonne semaine!

Soeur Soffe

Tahitian danse! Haha sorry I look like a ghost in this pic 

Blanca's baptême!