Tuesday, April 25, 2017

La maison du seigneur Week 44

Bonjour a tous!
I hope you all have had a wonderful week! Time is just flying by and it has been an awesome week. It started with MLC on tuesday which was so good! It was really fun to see all of my friends, but what I loved most was what we got to talk about. So on the 21 of mai the Paris Temple is going to be dedicated, and I can't even tell you how excited I am! As people get to start going to the Temple the spirit is incredibly strong in France! I am so excited to see all of the miracles that are going to unfold, because honestly temples are literally the best places on this earth. They are our piece of Heaven, and I know that they are the Lord's house on this earth. I am going to attach a video that the ap's made of the Temple, it is so beautiful. Our temple is a little different, but compare what the outside looks like to the Arch de Triomphe!! So our mission goal is to find a name of an ancestor and take their name to the Temple consecration, I was able to find Elisabeth Fox in my family! So I once again have a challenge for you all, the consecration of the Temple is on the 21 of May and I invite you to find a name in your family tree and take it to the temple before then!
We have been doing a lot of good work here, and honestly we are so blessed because we really just go from rendez-vous to rendez-vous! We had our first exchange with the Porte des Alpes sœurs this week, it was a lot of fun and we had some awesome lessons and lots of good laughs:) Sr Crispi did great on her first exchange as well, I'm so proud of her and she is killing it!
I love you all so much, and I know that our Père Celeste is there for all of us and loves us with an infinite love! He allows us to go to his home to learn of the love he has for us, and literally walked where his son has gone before!
Funny story, so best parents in the world sent me a popcorn maker in the mail. I picked it up today at the post office and a nice elder was caring the box for me and we walked into the big mall here and he got stopped by security and they asked him what the box was (even funnier he is a chinese elder and speaks kind of broken french) ha it was so funny as we all explained its a popcorn machine and the guard let us all go laughing,anyway, I am very excited to become the popcorn queen for when our sœurs come in for exchanges:)

Je vous aime tous!!
Soeur Soffe

Missionary Leadership Conference

Exchange with Porte des alpes
I love Feveur 
First popcorn in 10 months!!!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter and Temple Miracles Week 43

Bonjour a tous! 
I hope you all have had a wonderful week, and a great Easter to remember our savior. haha comme d'habitude it's been awesome week! So first I just love Soeur Crispi, we bonded instantly and we have so much fun together :)  In the beginning of the week we were in charge of Soeur Vandreux and her bleu which was a little crazy, but it was really fun :)  We have had some really awesome lessons this week. We had a good lesson with Jacqueline, man she is stubborn. She really has such strong faith, but is terrified of water. She knows and honestly wants to be baptized, so we are just trying to keep bringing the spirit into our lessons. We really felt that we need to keep focusing on the Book of Mormon, and how that is how she will find courage and power to overcome her fear! 
We also had another really cool lesson this week. We were able to go and see Melina again and we had a crazy but really awesome lesson with her and Pedro. (In review Pedro is a member who wants to go on a mission soon, and his family aren't members) So we taught her about the Plan de Salut, so ha because this family is Portuguese we literally had a four language lesson going on. I would teach and Pedro and Melina would respond to me in English, Soeur Crispi would teach in Spanish, they would respond in Portuguese and me and Soeur Crispi would speak in french! Haha it was nuts, but the lesson totally worked! The spirit was so incredibly strong especially as we testified about Temples and that their family can go there! At the end of the lesson Melina even had tears in her eyes. If that lesson wasn't a testament of the power of the spirit- I don't know what is. We were all able to understand each other, and we were able to testify if our purpose. I felt so thankful to testify to her that I am here to help other families come to Christ and be together forever! The temples are very literally the best things we have in this world! 
Then that night it was Saturday so we went to Joy and Tiawos and we were able to testify of Christ and how thankful we are for his sacrifice and love!! And then we made an Easter Egg hunt for her kids and it was adorable!! 
Another really cool thing, President gave us all a challenge to us an hour on Sundays and find a name of a family member to take to the Temple! Well as I was searching yesterday I found some names!! It was so incredible to be able to say hello as I found my ancestors who have been waiting! I have such a testimony that our ancestors and posterity are the angels surrounding us and supporting us each day, I want to do everything I can to help them!
I hope you all have a wonderful week!!   
Je vous aime!! 
Putting together her Easter egg hunt 

My new companion Soeur Crispi

Putting together the Easter egg hunt 

Easter Egg Hunt with Joy's Family

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Livin it up while we can Week 42

Bonjour a tous! 
  Sorry this is going to be a short email, it's transfer day and it's a little crazy!! So for this next transfer I am staying in Lyon and I am STL training Soeur krispi! So she is french and I served around her in Geneva and she is super cute. She speaks french and Spanish (which is awesome because we have some amis who are Spanish:) ) I am really excited to serve and learn from her:) 
We had a really awesome last week, filled with wonderful rendez vous with our amis who I love! The work is really starting to go here, yay!! 
So on Friday was Joy's baptism!! It was honestly so wonderful and really she was just glowing. There was quite a few members and a lot of amis that came to the baptism. It just made me so so happy to see how happy she was. I'm so glad I was able to teach her and become her friend, technically she was the elders ami but I am so glad I was able to be a part of her journey:) 
On Saturday we had a really wonderful day too! So Melina, Pedro's mom (who is a new ami) invited us over for lunch! Well this family is Portuguese and I highly underestimated the length of Portuguese meals:) ha she showed us how to make homemade "tortillas" which were actually tuna and onion and egg which was fried on the stove. Ha and was delicious- This family though is really so awesome! So the oldest son is a member, and he is so awesome. He is planning on going on a mission and is vraiment the example for his family, he's a baller. Anyway it was honestly so good just to spend time with them and we were able to teach Melina about the Book of Mormon and explain a little of the plan of salvation and she has meet a lot of missionaries but she told us that she really loves talking with us and we are telling her things she hasn't heard before. She said she would read in the Book of Mormon for the first time, and I am so excited:) 
Lots of other little miracles happening and we had a lot of people come to church! And we were able to see both martha and iriana and Seda this week! We have been trying to see them for a long time and it was awesome to finally see them again!! 

Then this morning we got Soeur lowder off on the train, man that was hard to say goodbye. She has become like one of my friends and I loved being with her, but I am so excited for this next transfer and to see what it is going to bring:) 
Love you all and hope you have a wonderful week! 
Je vous aime! 
Soeur soffe

Joys baptism 

Pedro and his mom 

Irina and seda

I love Soeur lowder!! 

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Conference and parties in the woods Week 41

Bonjour a tous!! 
  Sorry we don't have a lot of time this week! It was presidents p-day so all of the Lyon missionaries get to go to President Browns house and we play volleyball and basketball, eat lunch, and really just get to hang out so it was super fun!! 
A few highlights of this week:
 Friday was Joy's birthday so us and the elders went out to her house and threw her a party and she loved it!! We were outside in this wooded meadow and we got to play with her adorable girls and it was wonderful! 
We had a wonderful lesson with Melana (woman we found last week who is a members mom) she is super cool and we are so excited to keep teaching her. We also started teaching a friend of Pedro's who is so so awesome and has come to church the past four sundays! Honestly she is golden and so sweet! 
Had some other really good lessons with our amis! 
General Conference of course! I loved it so so much and I am so thankful that we have a living prophet and apostles to guide us home to our Heavenly Father! The questions I brought to conference were all answered, and if any of you didn't have the chance to watch I highly recommend it:)
One kind of sad thing, we found out Le is actually in the porte des Alpes ward, so sadly we had to pass him to the other Sr's. Of course it's still good he's getting taught, but ahh he was so awesome. He told us last week during the sacrament he saw the Paris temple in his mind and it was shining in light. He said that's where he knows he needs to go, he just has to repent first. Ahh he is awesome:)
Hope you all had a wonderful week! 
Je vous aime!! 
Soeur soffe

Jo's birthday party

Ferveur is adorable 

Comps help comps with bloody noses 😂