Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Back to Lyon...✈️ and Facebook Week 56

Bonjour a tous!

I hope you all had a wonderful week!!

So last Monday night we flew out to Lyon for MLC on Tuesday. It was a lot of fun to see everyone again, yay for seeing friends:) at MLC we started talking about the light of Christ's gospel and how we are the lantern holders who get to shine this light to the people in France. The hard thing is how do we shine this light to everyone, everyone needs this gospel but it's too big for just us missionnaires and members to do. Well now all missions who have iPads are going to be getting Facebook... what!? Ha I think when president announced that we all just about fell out of our chairs. So confession time Soeur Soffe has never had a Facebook and starting in august we will begin to do online proselyting. Ha I'm scared because I have no idea how to use social media, but I know by working with our members this is going to allow us to find so many more people who are prepared.

We got backend got back to work:) we had a really cool rdv with an ami who has been one of those forever amis. She is super cute and from Australia and she has a really strong testimony of the BOM, however she has a lot of soucis that have kept her from living the gospel. But as we talked and testified to her, she choose a date as a goal for her to be baptized, ha for her it is just a goal but it's a sign she could really progress. So keep Maria in your prayers:)

This week, something that has really stood out to me is our testimonies.This morning as we were walking to get courses a TJ (jehovahs witness- they are so many here) stopped us and tried to Bible bash a little. Well we didn't Bible bash, but we were able to answer his questions with courtise. We have a blessing that elder christofferson gave to our mission over a year ago that says when we teach with a convincing power people will not be able to deny our words- they won't believe it but they won't be able to deny it. I felt that power as we talked to this man, specifically as we testified. Our testimonies are something no-one can take away from us and there is power each time a testimony is born.

I know this church is true and I know it with all that I am, the only way to true happiness is through our savior Jesus Christ. He has given us the way and the light and all we have to do is follow him!

Je vous aime

Soeur Soffe

Also shout out to my brother who is leaving to the MTC this week! Taylor I'm so excited for you!!

Hello Toulouse


District meeting

Went to an airplane museum today

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