Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Guess where Soeur Soffe is..... Week 54

Bonjour à tous!

So to start off we got our transfer calls this Friday, and I am now in Toulouse with Sœur Tupou'ata!! She is from California and she used to be in my zone in Lyon so I know her a little. She is so awesome and I already love Toulouse and have heard so many good things and I'm finally in the south:) it was really hard to leave everyone in Lyon yesterday oh la la, that's what I don't like about being a missionary is saying goodbye. And ohh it was sad saying goodbye to my amis et members who I love so much, and of course my amazing comp who I love! But luckily I'll be back soon for MLC;)

Well we had a crazy last week, Monday was one of my favorite p-days! It was president's p-day and we had a barbecue to celebrate the Fourth of July and then some of the Ecully missionnaires came running out with water ballons- Lyon grabbed their water guns and all out war happened! Ha everyone was dripping wet and it was so fun!! Work hard play hard, one of the secrets of missionary work;)

Mardi et mercredi i actually went with some other missionaries all the way to Béziers for our legality- yay! I'm legal in France:)

Then Thursday Jo actually came to Lyon!! Ohh my goodness it was so so good to see her again! We were able to go to lunch, and I really can't explain how much I love her (she was my recent convert in Annemasse) she is doing so well, and even though her situation is really hard (ask me her story one day- she is my example) but she still has so much faith and she says that no matter what happens she knows that it's god plan and he knows best. She is even helping the sisters in Annemasse teach an ami right now who is Chinese, and she told me she is trying to teach what I taught her because this gospel brings her so much happiness that she has to share it!! That is the reason I do what I do!!

The weekend we were visiting lots of amis and saying goodbye, ahh I love them so much and since I don't have lots of time I'll attaché some pics. But really guys we have a part of our missionary purpose in our mission we say every morning that says "love is the key" and I just testify to how true that is!! My mission scripture is 2 Nephi 31:20 (look it up its worth it) because gods love is why we are all here, love is how this work progresses, and love is the ONLY way we can bring people to their savior!

Love you all!

Je vous aime tous!!

Soeur Soffe

Presidents p-day, aka extreme water fight 


Saying bye to my favorite Nigerians 

Our paroisse (ward)

I love Cheng cheng so much 

Sœur Tupou'ata 

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