Monday, July 10, 2017

La ville en rose Week 55

Bonjour a tous!

I hope you all have had a great week, first weeks always fly by in a new ville and yeah can be a little intimidating however can I just say how much I love Toulouse! I'm oh so blessed to be here! To explain the title that is a name for Toulouse because a lot of the buildings are made out of this light red brick- It's so pretty!

We have been doing a lot this week, the beginning of the week we were passing by a lot of people and checking addresses- which is actually super helpful for me to try to figure my way around. Toulouse isn't as big as Lyon mais quand même it's still big:) We do a lot of service in Toulouse also, which I love because that's how people feel our love and know they can trust us- members and amis!

We were able to meet some really cute less active, the family bonbon who is working toward getting sealed in the temple and we also met Soeur berengere, who is super funny and cute and she took us out for ice cream!! (What was funny was the day before she tombez-vous'd us and we randomly met a couple from Utah on vacation who gave us money to go get ice cream- so yeah tender mercies this week in ice cream:) and luckily because whew it is hot!!:) )

On Friday we saw one of our amis, marie- josette who is so cute and sweet. It's sad because she has been having a hard time with her friends, but we were able to teach about forgiveness and Christ's love and we were able or refix her baptismal date:)

Okay onto Sunday, our ward is literally huge!! The biggest ward I've seen yet, and I love them so much. Everyone was so welcome and would come and say hi and ask my name (as a missionary when ward members know your last name, it's so sparky!) and what I love is that they are so diverse but like a huge family. So our évêque(bishop) is really good, but man he is intense and a little nuts (but in a good way and really funny) But before church he told me that my testimony in front of the ward had to be 4 min long and he was expecting the audience in tears because the spirit was so strong... ha pressure... but after I got the thumbs up and he told me it was perfect, whew😅

Something I've been thinking about a lot this past few weeks has been weaknesses. Because let me tell you I am someone who is no where close to perfect (and personne except our savior is) Sometimes I think we can get caught up though in the imperfections. I have already seen so much on my mission that the lord can change our weaknesses into strengths (see ether 12:27) But I have felt that I just have too many, well the other day as I was praying I had this thought come into my head "j'accepte mes faiblesses, mais je ne suis pas contente de les rester avec" (i accept my weakness, but I am not happy to stay with them) We all have imperfections, and we have to understand that- however we also have to understand that our Heavenly Father loves us with our weaknesses because it's through them that we improve and become better. I have seen it on my mission so much, and if you need an example look to me- it's only because of him that I am able to be here and help others the way I have.

I am so thankful for my savior and for his Atonement that allows me to change, and I am thankful for my weaknesses because they are how I will grow:)

Je vous aime beaucoup!! Et merci pour tout:)

Soeur Soffe

Service helping a family move

Soeur Berengere and ice cream 

So yeah... hands down best part of our apartment a hammock!!! And a huge balcony with a gorgeous view!! See how pretty Toulouse is? 

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