Monday, December 4, 2017

My Favorite Little Missionaries and KFC for Thanksgiving Week 75

Coucou tout le monde!

Oh my this week has been crazy and i feel like we havent even been here in Talence. But to start off on Tuesday we had an AMAZING RDV with the Albanian family, so we went over and we watched the retab film in shiqp (Albanian) and the mom literally explained the whole retab to her daughters and she has such a strong testimony of Joseph Smith. And each time we go over the two little girls pray with us helping them, but this time all 3 of the kids put our plaques on and then said they were missionaries so they had to pray by themselves and they both prayed by themselves!! It was so good, and then we were able to go back over and see them sunday night, behar (the dad) has been sick so they weren't able to come to church. BUT we taught them parole de sagesse and we used these little pictures we made and the pamphlet and they totally accepted it. Guys Anila has coffee everyday and after reading that it was revelation she just immediately accepted it! Their Faith is amazing. You guys their story just breaks my heart, because of outside forces they were forced to flea Albania and they are now trying to get papers as political refugees, and just the amount of things they have suffered is huge, yet they have such faith and hope in Christ. I feel like being here in France my eyes have really been opened, there is a lot of refugees here and all I want to do is help them more. I just testify that God loves each and all of his children!!

So we literally traveled everywhere this week, on Wednesday we had to get up at 3 to catch our plane into Lyon for MLC. President Johnson of the 70 came and toured our mission and it was amazing to hear from him and learn. We were able to hear from him again on friday when we went down to Toulouse for zone conference. One thing I loved was when he talked about Ether 6 and how trials in this life, like the stormy seas the jaredites endured, help us to find happines in this life. One of my favorite qoutes is from an ensign that said "Calm seas don't carry barges to the promised land, stormy ones do." I still don't know why some of us are faced with a lot harder challenges in this life than others, but i do know that we are given trials to push us to become better they push us to become like Christ. I am thankful for hardships in this life because they are how i have become how I am today, and I am thankful for the trials I am going to have because they are going to make me into the person Heavenly Father wants me to be.

We had some other really good lessons, and haha to celebrate thanksgiving on friday at our conference we all feasted on KFC, haha it was lots of fun!!

I love you all so much, and I am so so thankful for all of you and that you do and all your prayers.

Passez une très belle semaine!

Soeur Soffe

My fav lil missionnaires 

planes to MLC 

Zone Conference in Toulouse 

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