Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Rempli de reconnaissance ❤️ Filled with gratitude

Bonjour tout le monde!!

J'espère que vous avez passé une tres belle semaine:)

We have had a really great week, a lot of our amis have been really busy but we have been seeing lots of members and wow our ward is just so amazing. We have been trying to light the world everywhere we go, and i love being able to talk to people about Christ during this season, there is just miracles everywhere. For example today we were printing out some pictures and one of the workers came over and started talking to me, and he is interested and we will be seeing him this Wednesday. Other amazing miracles the dad and one of the daughters and their friend came to church!! haha we went out to get them and it was pouring pouring rain, haha so as we were waiting for the bus a member came and saved us taking us to church:) ahh guys just this families faith is amazing and I love them so so much. Also one of the amis of the eysine missionaries got baptized, i was able to teach her before and the spirit was so special!

I am still in shock, haha and a little bit of denial that I am starting my last week as a missionary. I am so excited to see all of you, but ha I feel so torn thinking about leaving this country that I have fallen in love with and oh these people haha they are my little baguettes and i love them with all my heart. My heart is really just filled with gratitude. Gratitude for these last 18 months and how much I have learned and how much I have changed. I have a qoute up on my wall that says

"By helping others come unto Christ you will find that you have come unto him yourself." -Henry B. Eyring

I love this because it is so true, my relationship with my savior has completely changed and evolved because every day I have been able to help others come unto him. I have such a testimony of the divine potential that is within each of us (Romans 8:16-18) It has been so amazing to be able to teach people that they have a loving Heavenly Father who has plan for them, and loved them enough that he sent his son. This son who had much love, that he suffered all pains and sadness in this life so that he could help us become who we are all destined to be. I know with all my heart that he loves us, and I am so incredibly thankful to a member of his restored gospel which I know was restored by the prophet Jospeh Smith. This gospel is contained in the Book of Mormon, the book which has brought me the most happiness and peace I have found in this life.

I have seen on the mission, how much the gospel can change our lives. The joy that comes from this gospel is such a testament to me of God's love for all of his children. I have been privileged to be able to teach people from all over the world, and a lot of refugees and i know that God loves each and every one of his children. Often the way he shows his love is through us, reaching out to someone who is in need. I have been sharing this gospel because i love my brothers and sisters and i want them to inherit their potential and return to live with their Father and Savior. So please think of who needs this gospel, and I invite you all to share it with them. This is often started by just pure service and being a friend. Light someone's world this week, and you will be amazed by what a change it makes in them but also in you!

I'm so thankful for all of you and the friends you have been to me. I am so thankful for your support and love!

Je vous aime

À Bientôt!

Soeur Soffe

I love the moutamalyas 

An American member brought us costco pizza!!

Look at cute emanuela ❤️

Ann Marie's baptism

Rainy days

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  1. Soeur precieuse en Christ,if you really love God and Truth in humility,you too have to come to know a well known documented and verified fact(even though,cheaters try to deny it by telling silly tales),that is the book of Mormon is totally worthless(Never a Tribe of Israel went to the Americas to give birth to the Natives-the DNA test denies it-... and far less JESUS... Truly,the so called original manuscript with the "pearl of great price" were mere lists of obituaries written in the old language of Egypt,that mister Smith had purchased in a library,... and the "apostles" in Salt Lake know it well;by the way,'cause Smith was a Freemason,many rituals followed in the temples are taken from masonry). We have,already,a perfect testament,which you can find it in the GOSPEL(Galatians 1,6-9,Jude 3-4). May the Grace and the Love have a warm welcome in our soul,so that his Holy Spirit can protect us from deception,sin and hell(Mark 9,42-51);until the day-if,you turn earnestly and with humility to our Lord JESUS to get his personal revelation with his forgiveness and holy freedom;and,so,to taste his fellowship with his peace and mercy- you too 'll enter the joy of Paradise. Dans l'amour et la Verite` de JESUS